As part of our commitment to sustainability not just for ourselves but also our clients and the wider industry, BJF Group is delighted to announce that we are an approved supplier for the new energy efficiency App fluttr.

The app, designed and built by Considerate Group, targets the hospitality sector, with a particular focus on SMEs, and aims to help users understand and reduce their energy consumption through simplified and relevant energy data, behavioural change tips, and a streamlined process for installing energy efficient retrofits/upgrades.

Hospitality has a huge demand for energy and, according to BEIS , consumes around 21,000GWh of energy every year – that’s enough to power 1.2m UK homes! It is also one of the industries hit hardest by Covid-19 and as such, the savings generated by more efficient mechanical and electrical solutions will be hugely beneficial as the sector navigates its way through the ongoing uncertainty.

As an approved supplier BJF Group’s Mechanical and Electrical Division will be providing users with energy efficient solutions including lighting and lighting controls, Building Management Systems, heating and cooling systems, smart meters, sensors and more.

The App has passed Alpha and Beta testing and moves into a Pilot phase in November 2020. The final product is set to launch commercially in Q2 2021.

Find out more about fluttr at or contact the team at