Daisy recently took part in a week of work experience at BJF Group to learn more about what we do and to get a feel for what she might want to do as a career.

We caught up with her to find out how it went:


Why did you choose BJF Group for work experience?

Apart from the fact that my Dad works here and is very positive about the business I thought it would be a good experience getting to know something that I have an interest in as a potential career.

What were your first impressions on Monday when you arrived?

I was initially a bit nervous and apprehensive but soon was put at ease by the team who were all very friendly and welcoming.

Which departments did you work in?

I got the opportunity to spend time with a range of departments including health and safety, Facilities Management, accounts, procurement, Construction and HR. I really enjoyed my time in accounts because it is something that I have an interest in as a career and and I gained valuable knowledge as well as being able to operate the computer system under supervision.

How would you sum up your week at BJF?

I enjoyed the experience, it was fun with friendly staff, who were interactive and willing to share knowledge.  Everyone made me feel welcome and thanked me for my contribution.

I learned new skills such as how to deal with PO’s/Invoices and aligning each to ensure cost and actual were exact.

Would you recommend anyone else to come to BJF for work experience?

Yes, definitely because it is a good place to learn, other people understood why I was here and were willing to share their knowledge.

I would like to thank BJF for the fantastic opportunity.


If you like the sound of work experience with BJF Group please contact hr@bjfgroup.co.uk to find out what is available.