All of the projects completed by the BJF Group involve building and/or maintaining assets that are part of the community. We recognise the importance of supporting the local communities as well as the wider environment in which we operate.

We also understand that we use a large volume of resources and the choices we make in sourcing these materials and parts have a significant impact on people, organisations and the environment.

Our sustainable procurement policy dictates that we and our supply chain will procure goods and services in order to increase value for money, reduce the consumption of natural resources and use materials with fewer negative impacts on the environment. Wherever possible the BJF Group will strive to source goods and services locally to our sites, ensuring that we are supporting the local economy and further reducing our environmental footprint.

During the year BJF supports a number of local charities through events such as bake sales, sponsored walks and family fun days.

For our most recent major social value project we completely refurbished the community centre at ATC Pirbright.

All BJF employees are empowered and engaged through our employee suggestion scheme to make recommendations to senior management, for example, fundraising initiatives, company-wide team building events and improvements to the environmental impact of our projects.