Working on behalf of lighting manufacturer Thorlux Lighting, BJF Group has completed a lighting upgrade project at a Eurostar Depot.

BJF Group’s Mechanical & Electrical Division has recently completed a lighting upgrade project as part of an energy efficiency drive at a Eurostar facility for leading lighting manufacturer Thorlux Lighting.

Having replaced the previous outdated lighting system with a Thorlux SmartScan system, the client is now able to wirelessly monitor the energy performance and operational status of each luminaire to maximise efficiency and quickly identify faults. The system also features PIR controlled daylight sensors with automatic dimming so that each light is operating only at the required brightness at all times and is therefore operating optimally at all times.

The two secure warehouse-style areas covered by the project are utilised for train repairs and maintenance and together feature over 600 lights.

The BJF Group team have received praise from the client for their quality of work and professionalism. We completed the project two weeks ahead of time and with minimal disruption to the client’s operations during the works.

This is one of many projects that BJF Group have completed collaboratively with Thorlux Lighting over the past few years and we are proud to be enhancing the energy efficiency of their clients crucial assets across various industries.