We are incredibly proud to announce that Jo Smith, BJF Group’s SHEQ Advisor, has been shortlisted for Safety and Health Excellence Awards – Woman of the Year. With over 13 years of tenure and a wealth of experience across various departments, Jo has become an asset to BJF Group. Her contributions to the SHEQ team are integral to our culture of ‘Safety First’, and have significantly impacted our operations. Her dedication and innovative approach have earned her a well-deserved nomination for the SHE Awards 2024 – Woman of the Year.

What are the SHE Awards?

The SHE Awards are a prestigious recognition of innovation and achievements within health and safety. Specifically, the Woman of the Year category aims to honour outstanding female professionals who have played a pivotal role in advancing health, safety, and wellbeing standards within their respective organisations. Whether through leading the implementation of new initiatives or enhancing existing protocols, nominees in this category have demonstrated a significant commitment to promoting a culture of safety and wellbeing. This recognition also extends to women working across the health and safety sector who have made notable contributions to their organisations, highlighting the importance of diversity and inclusivity in driving excellence in health and safety practices.

Recognising Excellence: Jo’s Nomination

Jo’s nomination for her commitment to promoting health, safety, and wellbeing at BJF Group is well-deserved. She is key in creating and issuing updates, safety alerts, group toolbox talks, and training for the organisation. Her collaborative approach ensures that every department operates in compliance, fostering a culture of collective responsibility towards safety and wellbeing. Jo is also a proud founding manager of the mental health initiative, Better BJF, and is always looking for diverse and innovative ways to promote good mental health and safety to the group.

Jo’s Commitment to Safety First at BJF

Jo’s contributions exemplify BJF Group’s commitment to a proactive ‘Safety First’ culture, ensuring safety remains a top priority in our operations. Here are some key areas where Jo has made a significant impact:

  • Leadership in Safety Management: From overseeing safety for designated teams and departments to conducting thorough audits and inspections, Jo’s meticulous approach ensures compliance and excellence.
  • Championing Mental Health Initiatives: As a founding manager of the mental health initiative, Jo is at the forefront of promoting holistic wellbeing within our workforce, consistently exploring innovative strategies to foster a supportive environment.
  • Implementing Crucial Safety Measures: Jo’s proactive approach has led to the successful implementation of initiatives such as the Lone Working System, contributing significantly to our safety protocols.

As we celebrate Jo Smith’s nomination for the SHE Awards 2024 – Woman of the Year, we recognise her as a true champion of how safety comes first within our organisation. Her dedication, innovation, and collaborative spirit embody the values that drive us forward at BJF Group. We look forward to the ceremony on 1st May 2024 and we will be rooting for Jo in the Woman of the Year category. Best of luck to Jo, and all of the other nominees in their respective categories!