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Improve light levels using specialised blue spectrum and low intensity red night lighting, to enhance well-being and performance of horses.

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Mechanical and Electrical

BJF Group’s M&E division partnered with HorseLight Ltd to upgrade lighting at undisclosed stables in London, aiming to enhance conditions for housed horses while adhering to industry regulations (18th Edition Regs BS:7671) and client expectations.

Before commencing work, HorseLight worked with Frankham Group to conduct precise light mapping for the project, ensuring optimal planning and placement of the lighting infrastructure. BJF Group then installed HorseLight’s  innovative equine blue light and low intensity red night light, automatic lighting therapy system.

This solution delivers the health benefits of summer daylight to indoor stabling. Each light emits high-intensity white and blue spectrums, a feat unachievable by standard LED or fluorescent lighting. This partnership ensured the installation of a cost-effective and easy-to-use automatic lighting system, tailored to meet the specific needs of the stables and the well-being of the horses.

Scope of Work

BJF Group disconnected existing lighting systems, replacing them with energy-efficient LED lighting tailored for horses from HorseLight, and bespoke automatic light controllers, designed specifically for the needs of this installation, with the input from equine vets.

Challenges Faced

Time constraints, noise control, and site access limitations were effectively mitigated through proactive planning.

Execution and Results

The project proceeded according to plan, delivering energy-saving LED lighting and controls. The improved lighting not only met expectations but also significantly enhanced energy efficiency, improved lighting conditions, and will positively impact the horses’ well-being. More information on the proven benefits of HorseLight’s lighting systems is available here.


Through collaboration and meticulous execution, BJF Group successfully delivered a lighting upgrade, ensuring the well-being and performance of the horses. This project highlights the effectiveness of proactive planning, teamwork, and adherence to standards.